My ARK® crystal arrived! Now what?

Getting to know your ARK® crystal - the basics.

Familiarize yourself with the different components that make up your ARK® crystal, as well as any accessory, included or purchased separately.

The ARK® crystal pendant set includes the ARK® crystal quartz within its saddle (image below) and pendant with adjustable chain, allowing the user to wear the modular Advanced Resonance Kinetics technology.

ARK Crystal in Saddle no Pendant

The set arrives with the crystal pre-mounted in the pendant's magnetic docking cavity. A gentle pressure applied to the top of the ARK® crystal will dislodge it from the pendant.

Upon examination, you will find distinct triangular marks at one of the apex of the ARK® crystal tetrahedron. These marks indicate the orientation of the molecular structure of the ARK® crystal.

  • When using the ARK® crystal to structure material (water, oils, creams, etc.), these triangular marks should point UP towards the water or other material to be charged.
  • When wearing the ARK® crystal, the triangular markings should be at the apex of the pendant, pointing outwards, away from the body.
ARK Crystal Pendants