Everyone says they can "feel" it? Why can't I?

Everyone experiences energy differently, and even that can change.

Our ARK® community's satisfaction is our top priority. That said, we would like to give you some things to consider.

Firstly, it is not imperative that you feel the crystal "working" - some people do and some don’t, irrespective of their sensitivity to energy fields or other subtle resonance technologies. The technology is scientifically verified both directly by measuring the water molecule's changes, and indirectly through plant experimentation.

Secondly, from reviewing our ARK® community's feedback, we can tell you that the experience changes over time and your experience or "feeling" of the crystal is dependent on your physical/emotional state.

The technology holds a coherent field that is directly in resonance with the background energy of space/time, and geometrically resonates with water and quartz. The connection is real and proven, whether one can "feel" it or not.

However, we understand the excitement around experiencing the ARK® crystal's field with the sense of "touch." You can try placing the ARK® crystal in your hand (serialized base of the crystal in the center of your palm/triangular markings pointing up), at a time during the day/night that you feel most relaxed and undistracted. Place your other hand (relaxed) about 3 inches above the crystal. For several minutes, focus on your breath in the moment, taking inventory of any feeling in the center of your palms. Community feedback reports feelings of "tingles" in their fingers, a slight pulsing sensation, or the feeling of a "thick air" between their palm and the crystal.

Again, being able to "feel" the field or not, has no indication that the crystal is working or not working. All ARK® crystals are assembled and modulated with great precision, detail and care; and function perfectly unless damaged.

Feeling the ARK Crystal in your hand