Why is the ARK® crystal so expensive?

The ARK® crystal is an investment.

The ARK® crystal is a wearable subtle energy technology, which brings coherence to water indefinitely for the rest of your life. You never have to recharge it, there are no batteries to replace, and you don't even have to understand how it works to experience the benefits! What product can you buy today that will provide a lifetime of benefit without any further investment required?

ARK Crystal Pendants

If you amortize it over the average lifespan of an adult male (80 years), purchased at age 30 with 50 years remaining, the cost is less than $.40 a year. Of course since the charged water you will be drinking along with the optimization of the water in your system by wearing the technology, there is a good chance that the significant increase in hydration may get you a lot more miles out of your system than average.....which would make it an even better investment!

Like every decision, it is about risk and reward - eat cheap and unhealthy food, pay for it in healthcare; invest in healthy diet and habits, pay up front and pay less in health care with a better quality of life.

We think YOU are worth the investment!👍

Saddle ARK-1